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Building products is often overwhelming. With an ever-growing to do list, engineers who need motivating, stakeholders who need managing and reports that need compiling. We’re here to help.

Designed to be used as points of reference throughout your day, the Department of Product’s digital guidebooks are bite-sized bundles of knowledge, tips and tidbits to help you make better product decisions.

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How to Conduct a Product Health Check

Product strategy isn’t simply about clear decision making; before you can even begin to make any decisions about the direction of your product, you need to spend some time in diagnostic mode where you try to build a big picture snapshot of the health of your product.

DevRel Explained for Product Managers

Developers are, and always will be, a critical part of product development. Not just because engineers are the ones actually building the products we use, but also because getting the engineering community on board as evangelists for your product can make or break your success.

How to Build Products Quickly

If you’ve ever had the joys of working in both an early stage startup and a large corporation, you’ll understand the difference between a company with an operating cadence of ‘run’ and a company with an operating cadence of ‘stay afloat before the quicksand of corporate bureaucratic sludge kills you’.

Accessibility Checklist for Product Teams

Why accessibility can no longer be treated as an afterthoughtAccessibility is the practice of improving the usability of your products for a broad audience. When product teams hear the word “accessibility” they may think first of people with physical conditions: low...

Product Positioning for Product Managers

Why an understanding of how your product is positioned is criticalA key responsibility for Product Managers is to define how their products are positioned in the market. Pricing, user experience, features, performance, branding, customer service and partnerships...

How to de-risk your Product Strategy

Ultimately, you’ll never know if what you’re going to build will succeed until you’ve built it. But there are some sensible steps to take before committing to building your product that will help you to increase its likelihood of success – and de-risk your likelihood of failure.

How to Structure your Product Org to Optimise for Growth

If your company’s success depends on growing effectively, you need to get these things rightWhen a company grows quickly, it undergoes stress. The faster the growth, the more the stress. Structure can make the situation better, but only if it is designed correctly for...

Why Product Teams Should Hire Tech Leads

Realising the power of the product management tech lead partnership The composition of any product team will typically include a blend of: Software engineers UX / product design Product management The team may also include a UX content writer, a user researcher or...

Podcast episodes

Diego at Google

Episode 4

Diego Rivas at Google

Diego Rivas is a Product Manager at Google working in the augmented reality (AR) team across software and hardware and was previously part of the engineering team that launched the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4. Prior to joining Google, Diego was a product design engineer at Apple.

Suji Kim LinkedIn

Episode 3

Suji Kim at LinkedIn

Suji Kim is a senior product manager at LinkedIn focused on member acquisition efforts in the International Growth team. Prior to working at LinkedIn, Suji was senior product manager at Amazon where she helped create Amazon’s worldwide delivery experience.

Episode 2

Majed Chaaban at Venmo

Majed Chaaban is a Senior Product Manager at Venmo where he’s focused on the Venmo Debit Card - a product allows millions of users to spend Venmo balance funds everywhere Mastercard is accepted in the U.S. and in U.S. territories. Prior to Venmo, Majed was Senior PM at PayPal.

Episode 1

Christin Karwatzki at Shopify

Christin Karwatzki is a Senior Product Manager at Shopify where she helps millions of merchants offer competitive and reliable delivery experiences. Prior to Shopify, Christin spent 4 years at Amazon in both product and program management.

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