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APIs explained for Product Managers

APIs are confusing. Make sense of REST, GET, endpoints, headers and payloads once and for all as we explain the 10 key things to know about APIs.

Technology Skills for Product Managers

The most useful technical concepts to understand when working with engineers. From HTML to CSS and JS, we deep dive into what you need to know

SQL skills for product managers

SQL is a powerful skill to have as a product manager, allowing you to interact with a database to get the data you want. Here's a guide to the basics.

Product Monetization Strategies

If a product is to succeed as a business it needs to prove it is a business. Finding a path to meaningful monetization can be difficult but is essential.

Metrics that Matter to Product Managers

What are the metrics that matter to your product? We take a look at the most important metrics for popular product verticals so that you choose the right metrics for yours.

5 useful diagrams for product managers

The ability to draw and produce clear diagrams are powerful skills for product people. Let's explore some of the most powerful ways to do it.

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Product Briefing – 16th March, 2023

Apple’s new Music app, GPT-4 and the end of NFTs? Plus: GitLab earnings disappoint, Grammarly gets new AI writing capabilities and Meta employees share their experiences.


How to Plan Product Features Asynchronously

In my view, meeting-heavy processes totally detract the ability to have people in different time zones working together. Meetings also get in the way of deep work, which is needed in teams of builders such as Software Engineers, Designers, etc. Shopify recently banned meetings with 2 or more people for this exact reason.

Alternative Product Business Models

With ad-funded models increasingly looking like a risky strategic decision for some product verticals at least, consumers have shown more willingness to pay for digital products and services they feel are valuable enough to do so. And with that, let’s take a look at some alternative business models you might want to explore.

Webhooks Explained for Product Managers

When you’re building products using webhooks, your engineers can write code which allows you to ‘subscribe’ to a specific event and also specify the location for receiving the event. This process of subscribing and waiting for something to happen is sometimes referred to as ‘listening’ for an event. If you ever hear your engineering team refer to this, you’ll now know what they mean.

Podcast episodes

Justin Blumethal at Coinbase

Episode 10

Justin Blumenthal at Coinbase

Justin Blumenthal is product manager at Coinbase where he leads P2P crypto payments and the Coinbase Card. During his time at Coinbase, Justin launched new features including multichain send and receive. Prior to Coinbase, Justin was Lead PM at Square, leading the development efforts for Square Reader for Contactless and Chip and the Square Reader for Magstripe..

Vishal Kapoor, Director of Product at Shipt

Episode 9

Vishal Kapoor at Shipt

Vishal Kapoor is the Director of Product at Shipt where he leads two mission critical product groups: Order Bundling, and Shopper Earnings, which together manage billions of dollars of P&L annually. Prior to Shipt, Vishal was lead product manager at Lyft and spent 7 years in product at games maker Zynga. Vishal also has experience as a software engineer at Microsoft and Amazon. .

Vik at Wayfair

Episode 8

Vik Bharadwaj at Wayfair

Vik Bharadwaj is a Senior Product Manager for Wayfair Mobile apps leading engagement and retention initiatives along with optimizing for conversion. Prior to joining Wayfair, Vik was a senior product manager at Peapod Digital Labs, an Ahold Delhaize USA Company.

Mohana at EA Games

Episode 7

Mohana Cherukuri at EA Games

Mohana Cherukuri is a product manager at EA games working in the developer platform team, responsible for building tools that can be used inside EA games. Prior to EA Games, Mohana worked at Booking.com and Amazon, and has a background in software engineering.

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